So, for this project I have narrowed
by learning down to three of
the apps that I reviewed;

Sign Language 101 (website and app)
The ASL App
Pro Deaf Translator

I am extremely excited to use these apps.

Via Giphy

These are my favourite apps out
of the ones I looked at.
I see the benefits of using these apps
so the remainder of my posts will
use one of the three apps.

I will likely use Sign Language 101
and The ASL App more than the
Pro Deaf Translator strictly
because it will be easier to look up
videos rather than think of what I want
to look up.

Pro Deaf Translator

via Google

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this app.

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The app allows you to type a word
or a sentence into the translator
and it will show you how to sign it.

The app is still a work in progress
but so far I think it’s really awesome and
very beneficial to me and my project.

It allows you to search whatever you want
without having to look through a
list of videos! You can’t go wrong with that!

The last post I did was using this app.
I really wish I had a way to record the app
on my phone so I can show you how awesome it is!


Here’s where you can get this app: